Emily Vance Making Veterans Laugh2018-07-22T21:59:57-05:00
Emily Vance Making Veterans Laugh2018-07-22T21:59:06-05:00
Michael Feist and Chaplain Lixey2016-04-01T04:22:23-05:00
Michael Feist presenting books to Chaplain Lixey2016-04-01T04:21:46-05:00
Kentucky church presents 250 books to first responders2016-04-01T04:21:10-05:00
Men give devotional books for first responders following mudslide2016-04-01T04:20:35-05:00
Men give books to first responders2016-04-01T04:19:58-05:00
Church honors fire fighters and police officers2016-04-01T04:19:15-05:00
Devotionals For Newtown First Responders2016-04-01T04:12:20-05:00
New Book from Strength For Service!2016-04-01T04:10:59-05:00