April 21
Read Ps. 23; Heb. 11:1–10

But now abideth faith, hope, love, these three: and the greatest of these is love. —l Cor. 13:13 ARV

Everyone has hopes. Hope is like a sprinkle of water. Just as water bubbles forth from the spring, so thoughts and plans bubble forth from the spring of hope. Usually our hopes are colored by the things that have happened in our lives thus far. If life has inspired us with several noble hopes, we are indeed fortunate. Aside from individual and specialized hopes, there are some general hopes which it is good for all to have. It is good to hope for employment in a congenial occupation, time to cultivate a hobby, pleasant social contacts, an agreeable home life, and a satisfying religious experience.

Faith will help us realize our hopes. Without faith, hopes are mere daydreams. Those who have achieved have been those who sought guidance from beyond. To trust God and to see through the eye of faith the realization of our noble hopes is the tonic that will guide us through the storm. Faith will keep the fires of victory burning in our hearts. Without faith we perish.

Both our hopes and our faith must be permeated with love. Without love we become the most fatigued and unhappy persons imaginable. Love of those things for which we hope, love for God and love for the justice of our cause will carry us through. If we would see the dawn tomorrow, we must be loyal to the obligations of today. Faith, hope, and love are guideposts on the road to true life.

GOD OF OUR FOREFATHERS, and our God; inspire us with noble hope; strengthen our faith; and permit our love for justice and righteousness to grow daily under the guidance of Thy Holy Spirit. Amen.

Heidelberg Reformed Church, Schwenkville, Pa.