February 27
Read Ps. 125

Deep calleth unto deep. —Ps. 42:7

As men and women in service we face reality. Shallow thinking does not catch our imagination. In these days of “do or die” it is the “hero in the soul” that, once more, must fight against all the enemies of the human spirit.

For such a conflict we may be undergirded with unusual strength. We are made courageous when under pressure. Science tells us that deep sea fish, two thousand feet down, endure a pressure of a thousand pounds per square inch. But they are made for it. When they escape to shallow waters they die. Souls who gird themselves with the armor of God can withstand great pressure and, in turn, display creative genius. “Deep calleth unto deep.”

The extra pressure of these days calls for soul depth as well as for military skill. Whole-souled individuals never give such an excellent account of themselves as they do under pressure. If they try to escape, they lose their heroic strength. Our example is Jesus, “who, for the joy that was set before him, endured the cross,” the deep sea pressures of life.

As strong children of God we strive for a new world order. Deep within our hearts we know that a new philosophy of life must come. We know that a new attitude toward other nations and races must come. The whole of humanity must become a single family of God. In these trying days we may draw added strength from the deep wellsprings of eternal life, and we will fight the more courageously on all fronts.

O THOU who hast been our strength in all the generations, outlasting the armed hate of many centuries; may Thy Holy Spirit fill our souls to their very depths, that no outer force may be able to defeat our spiritual purposes. Grant to us this very day strength to live, and courage to dare. Amen.

First Congregational Church, Sioux City, Iowa