October 23
Read John 1:1–14

Beloved, now are we the sons of God. —1 John 3:2

In our present situation we face a task which is deeply spiritual in its nature, because it is a life-and-death struggle between two opposing ways of life.  In contemplating this it is easier to consider the large, general aspects than it is to consider oneself. But what we think of ourselves will largely determine our service toward the victory for which we strive and pray to God.

John says we are children of God. Back in the beginning of time, when we were created, God breathed within Adam, and he became a living soul. Jesus called us children of God, for He taught us to pray, saying, “Our Father.” No higher thought of humankind is possible than this.

When we think of ourselves as a form of animal, with the bestial nature asserting itself, we will live and act as animals. When we think of ourselves merely as the servant of a higher earthly power, be it state or anything else, we become slaves and are drawn away from our God-given heritage.

But we Christians know that we are children of God, heirs of Christ, yea, joint heirs with Him of God. When Jesus said, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect,” He set the standard for our attainment. Humankind is supreme, and is to have liberty, freedom, and all the good things of life. Here, indeed, is the vital thing concerning what people should think of themselves. “Made in the image of my God”—that is it. We are coworkers with God; and God is always with us, to give us strength, courage, and His Spirit.

OUR FATHER, Thou hast indeed made us in Thine own image. Help us to keep that image of Thyself untarnished. Help us to live as Thy children, as free people, as heirs of Christ. Be Thou always at our side. Let Thy light be our light, Thy way our way, and Thy Spirit our ever present help and guide. Amen.

St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church, Reading, Pa.