June 29

For nothing will be impossible with God. —Luke 1:37

As a newborn, Jon Sheptock’s mother never even held him. She gave him up to the authorities.

After being adopted by Christian parents, Jon struggled as a teen with thoughts of suicide and he wrestled with hopelessness and fear.

Jon’s is unique.

He was born with no arms and his right leg shorter than his left. Yes, absolutely no arms—his body ends at his shoulders.

Through the love of his parents, Jon gave his life to Christ and soon discovered that nothing is impossible with God. Jon began to sing and share his story at churches and schools. Today, Jon travels and ministers all over the world. He is married and has three daughters. His ministry’s motto is: Making life’s challenges, God’s victories.

Today’s verse is the last sentence that the angel spoke to Mary after he told her she would have a child. Mary had asked how a virgin would bear a child. This verse explains how anything miraculous happens—like a man with no arms having a beautiful family and traveling the world sharing and singing.

We’re all “handicapped.” We’re all “challenged” in some way. Living in a world full of evil and chaos as sinners causes this in us all. It comes down to what we focus on and what we believe about ourselves.

What are your handicaps? Your challenges? Maybe it is something as serious as Jon Sheptock’s life.

Regardless, let today’s story and verse inspire you to press on and live the life God intends for you. Make life’s challenges into God’s victories, because nothing is impossible with God.

HEAVENLY FATHER, thank You for every blessing that You have given me. Help me to stay focused and use all You give for Your glory.