April 21

The fear of the Lord is instruction in wisdom, and humility goes before honour. —Proverbs 15:33

At the annual recognition awards for the Western Massachusetts emergency services community, there was a lot to consider. In the past year, they had faced a hurricane, tornado, snowstorm, and even an earthquake. This was, of course, amidst hundreds of other crises where people needed medical attention in an emergency.

Robert Hassett, Springfield’s emergency preparedness director, stated, “Everything they did, it was so professional and done with such care and competency. I’m overwhelmed. The EMTs and paramedics are often overlooked. This is a group of people that do their jobs, do it competently and professionally, and then move on to the next one. They don’t often give you a chance to say thanks.”

City Council President Daniel J. Corliss added, “Humility plays into it. These are individuals who are not looking for recognition. In the best possible sense of what being a public servant is about, emergency care providers as a group are interested mostly in treating people who need help.”

Laura Machado, who was named Paramedic of the Year, said she did not know what she did that allowed her to be singled out among her peers. Laura originally wanted to be an athletic trainer, but after her first emergency medical training class she knew what she wanted to be.

One 20-year-veteran on the team stated, “Even today the job, though hard and often unpleasant, is still fulfilling. I love it. When you work with a great group of people, it makes the job enjoyable.”

A crucial factor in effective service is a strong team. Be pro-active in encouraging and motivating all those you work with.

HOLY ONE, teach me to not be concerned with getting credit, but with gaining connection with my team. Help me to choose humility over honor.