Honoring Our Nation’s Front Line & First Responders

Because of You, presented by Strength for Service, was created to share real-life stories of men and women who sacrifice so much for so many – the countless front line and first responders who deserve to be reminded there is a high calling to their work – and a divine God who sees and feels their pain, who shares in their celebration of a life saved or grief of a life lost. Whatever they are feeling or experiencing, we want to remind them they are not alone.

This month, we introduce you to Teresa Soto, Director of Nursing at Grace Skilled Nursing & Therapy in Norman, Oklahoma. When COVID hit the U.S. in early 2020, Teresa and her team experienced firsthand the devastation and heartache caused by this deadly virus. On behalf of the patients they so lovingly cared for and the families they had to represent in a time of such immense sorrow, we say thank you for your strength and compassion. Our prayers are with you, always.

β€œThe Lord gives his people strength. He blesses them with peace.” Psalm 29:11

Meet Teresa Soto

Because of You


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