Army Guard veteran serves as SFS adviser

David Poston, a retired lieutenant colonel in the Louisiana Army National Guard and commander of transportation units deployed during Desert Shield and Desert Storm, has agreed to serve on the Strength for Service advisory team.

SFS Books Presented to Troops Deploying to Iraq

400 devotional books given to troops On Jan. 28, Larry Coppock, executive director of the Strength for Service team, presented 400 books to 101st Airborne troops deploying to Iraq.

World War II veteran provides free storage for Strength for Service books

With a gift from World Wide Technology, the Strength for Service Corporation needed a place to store 30,000 copies of books for military troops and first responders.

Join the effort to provide 100,000 daily devotions to public servants and military personnel

The Strength for Service board hopes to provide police officers, fire fighters, first responders and military personnel with 100,000 copies of Strength for Service on or before the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attack upon the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

World Wide Technology Provides 30,000 SFS Books

World Wide Technology, Inc. (WWT), a global systems integrator servicing the technology needs of large public and private organizations, including many of the world’s best-known brands, is providing 30,000 copies of Strength for Service books.