An Interview With Ken Carlson

Ken Carlson is one of Newtown, Connecticut's first responders. He received one of the new-ly published Strength for Servide to God and Community devotional books during the April 28, 2013 service at the Newtown United Methodist Church. He speaks about receiving the book, some of the events of the tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary [...]

Royston Bailey presents Strength for Service

Royston Bailey, United Methodist Men's president for the New York Annual Conference, presented the first copies of the new Strength for Service to God and Community to three first responders during the April 28, 2013 morning worship service at the Newtown United Methodist Church. Loading the player ...

A celebration of first responders

A service where copies of Strength for Service to God and Community may be presented to first responders     Pastor: Members of the household of God, we gather today to give thanks for those who run toward danger when others run away. The author of the Epistle of Peter wrote churches in Asia Minor [...]

Newtown responders get Strength for Service

Five months ago today, the news from Newtown, Conn., stunned the world.

MS Disaster Coordinator Seeks Strength for Service

5/1/2013 By Jasmine Haynes, Web and Social Media Specialist First responders often rush into dangerous situations to help those in need, but it is rare that anyone considers the needs of a first responder.  Recently hundreds of copies of Strength for Service to God and Community--a pocket-sized book of daily devotions--were sent to police officers and [...]

Strength for Service will help first responders to continue to heal

Rob Sibley is one of Newtown, Connecticut’s first responders. He was one of the first group to receive Strength for Service to God and Community, a devotional book created by the General Commission on United Methodist Men for firefighters, police officers, and emergency medical personnel. Loading the player ...

Devotional Books Prepared For First Responders

NEWTOWN, Conn.––A book of daily devotions for first responders of all denominations has been distributed to fire fighters, police officers, EMT personnel and other community servants in Boston, West, Texas, and Newtown, Conn. Strength for Service for God and Community, a pocket-sized book of 365 devotions, is patterned after a 70-year-old Strength for Servicer to [...]